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What Computerlegalexperts.com does for our clients is... Computer Forensics and Computer Expert Witness Services, since 1984

Provide services as a Computer Forensics Expert Witness, Computer Forensics Expert Examination and Analysis or Computer Expert Testimony Services, including Assessment, Acquisition / Media Imaging, Examination, Analysis and Reporting, by utilizing and leveraging the latest and similar hardware and software tools in use by various United States Government agencies.  

Our objective is to provide superior computer forensics expert witness services, as an added-value element to the client’s matter, to act objectively, with diligence and resolve and by making a diligent effort to deliver a quality computer forensic product for pre-trial and trial purposes.  If a matter does go to court, the computer forensics findings is prepared in a professional manner, for  pre-trial hearings or trial.  

Computerlegalexperts.com supports attorneys by aiding in the drafting of pleadings, motions and orders, in the capacity of a computer forensics expert to expedite the processes necessary to conduct the computer forensics discovery.

Whether is it is a criminal or civil matter, by choosing Computerlegalexperts.com as your computer forensics expert solution provider, we have the ability to obtain answers.  

Computerlegalexperts.com is a dedicated computer forensics expert witness organization, dedicated to providing factual data for litigation purposes.  The Computerlegalexperts.com approach uses processes and procedures used by government entities and utilizes hardware that has in accordance with the Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE).  The staff at Computerlegalexperts.com has in excess of 20 years of experience, on the Federal and state level, respectively and has appeared in matters such as criminal, civil, UCMJ, administrative and regulatory matters.  Computerlegalexperts.com perform also performs work under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) and state laws for indigent parties.

What types of computer forensics matters does Computerlegalexperts.com handle?

Criminal Charges - Child Pornography, Sexting, Text Messaging, Cellular Telephone, Fraud, and Taxation.

Civil Litigation - Human Resources Issues, Computer Abuse, Divorce, Child Custody, Spousal Assets, Text Messaging, Employer Liability, Sexual Harassment, "Captcha" Routines, Electronic Discovery,  Bankruptcy, Stock and Bond Securities, Unsolicited Commercial Email / SPAM, Wrongful Termination, Workplace Misconduct and Unemployment Insurance Compensation issues.

Computerlegalexperts uses a five phase computer forensics approach, by offering real solutions to difficult matters. Experience shows that a viable and well organized “Action Plan” and utilizing a repeatable process, yields continual constructive results.  The five phases of computer forensic performance in legal and administrative matters, involving computers is: Assessment, Acquisition, Examination, Analysis and Reporting.  

Computerlegalexperts also utilizes peer reviewed software and leverages these tools, to find the factual answers.

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Civil matters include but are not limited to: human resources issues, computer abuse, divorce, child custody, bankruptcy, accounting, decryption of encrypted files and passwords, contracts, systems engineering, data recovery, theft of services, Internet and e-mail or spam litigation.

Criminal matters include computer related crime such as contraband images (child pornography), Adam Walsh Act issues, peer-to-peer (Limewire, E-Donkey, Bit-Torrent, etc.), wire fraud, spam, UCMJ and CJA matters.  The area of computer forensics can include issues such as homicide, trespass, stalking and tax evasion.

Computer Forensics Expert Witness

Providing examination and analysis services of data for evidence-based, expert witness testimony 

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