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In my other pages, we have discussed what is a computer forensics expert Witness and what is a computer Forensics Examiner.  With so many "professionals" out there, we at Computerlegalexperts.com have come up with a check list to help you select the individual or company you feel most comfortable with.  Hopefully the questions below will help with your selection process and please feel free to contact us with any of your questions about our services.

One short, but very good parable.

There was once a very capable organization who could install a small network within five days.  Although the labor expense would have come to $2,500, another "Engineer" came in an offered to have him and his buddy do it for $1000 and they would have it up in three days.  Two weeks later, a call was received and the "Engineer" who offered to do it for less, walked off the job after ten days, leaving a mess.  Don't judge a Computer Forensics Examiner or computer forensics expert Witness by the fees that are set, just look for the best value that suits your needs.        


1.  What is the hourly fee schedule for a computer forensics expert?

2.  What is the retainer involved and how are billings performed?

3.  What type of computer forensics tools will your Expert employ and do they meet the Daubert and Kuhmo Critieria?

4.  Based upon prior experience, what is the estimate of hours do you expect into this matter, especially for the computer forensics examination and analysis?

5.  If there is there travel involved, what are the estimated costs?

6.  Is being "BIGGER" computer forensics firm, going to be better?

7.  What are your expectations and have you outlined this to your potential computer forensics expert?

8.  Equipment- Is it "snake oil" or is it the REAL THING?  Sean Connery, playing the part of Officer Jim Malone in the movie, The Untouchables (1987) said, "You don't bring a knife to a gunfight."  We use Logicube brand equipment for data acquisition and protection on forensically sterile media and use Technology Pathway's Pro Discover,  AccessData's Forensic Tool Kit, Norton Utilities, Computer Associates, Webroot, Eurosoft and PCTools products in our arsenal in providing our analysis.