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How can ComputerLegalExperts make the claim of being "The Original" Computer Forensics Expert  or Computer Forensics Expert Witness Service?

In 1983, Steven Moshlak (CV) (or click here) saw the future of computer forensics and became a computer forensics expert witness.  Mr. Moshlak built his business in the computer forensics examination and analysis , specializing in the area of  information technology  relating to civil and criminal actions.  As a former Bulletin Board Service (BBS) owner and systems operator (SYSOP), he recognized the development of database, spreadsheet and document technology needed an individual who can interpret "Computer-ese" into common everyday English, into briefings for management and attorneys.

In 1984, Edward R. Zinn, an attorney in Los Angeles, California, needed someone who could interpret what specific data was contained on the opposing parties computers and testify as to the facts.  Our method of computer forensics  is that we take the "Sgt. Joe Friday" ( © Mark VII Prod'ns) approach to any litigation, by using the "Just the facts, ma'am" type of approach.  We emphasize a "stick-to-basics" methodology of computer forensics examination and computer forensics analysis by using computer forensics tools with companies that we've done business with for over twenty years.  Simply stated, we have learned that outstanding products like EnCase is not the "End Game" but only a tool, versus the arsenal and knowledge of proven and reliable tools we would use in your matter for independent verification and validation of data.  [Please refer to Kuhmo Tire Co., LTD., et al. v. Carmichael, et al. (97-1709) 526 U.S. 137 (1999) or Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals (92-102), 509 U.S. 579 (1993)]

Over the years, like Moore's Law, our computer forensics and information technology expertise continues to grow.  Although our roots come from the aerospace-rich Los Angeles, California and technology-rich Boulder, Colorado, we have relocated computer forensics labs and computer forensics offices to the Mid-Atlantic region, in the Northern Virginia-DC-Maryland area, in 2002.  To date, we have recovered data identifying over 65 million dollars in "hidden assets."  We recently provided expert witness testimony in a criminal case where there were 136 counts of child pornography and the defendant was found guilty of only six of the counts that were filed.  Our client lists include individual litigants (criminal, civil and military), Internet Service Providers, the Department of Defense agencies and corporations, to name a few entities.

Mr. Moshlak’s utilized methods and processes meet the requirements under Daubert and Frye.   

At Computerlegalexperts.com, our computer forensics and

computer forensics expert witness experience is in the areas of:

•  Computer Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Networking litigation

•  Child Exploitation and Child Pornography computer, network and Internet analysis

•  Criminal and Civil proceedings, on the Federal and Local Levels

•  Virus, Trojan, or Malware detection

•  Evidence Tampering or Spoliation

•  The leveraging of Computer Forensics tools related to Spoofing or identity theft

•  Contract, Employment and Violations of Employer Acceptable Use Policy

•  Hardware and software losses incurred by moving and storage companies

•  Qui Tam - "Whistleblower Act"

•  SPAM or Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail

•  Family Law

•  The location of "Hidden Assets" or income

•  Sexual Harassment

•  Loss of property, business interruption and trespass (software and hardware)

•  Computer and Internet Law

•  Military Law - UCMJ

•  Advisement to Law and Policy-Makers

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