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Why should you select Computer Legal Experts as your Computer Forensics or computer forensics expert Witness Service Provider?

Since 1984, we have been recognized as "scientific subject-matter experts" in the area of computer forensics, computer crime investigation and Expert Witness Testimony.

We use the similar tools, if not superior in nature, that are employed by most Federal, State and Local Government law-enforcement agencies when conducting an incident response or an investigation.  Our experience includes matters pertaining to E-mail Discovery, Electronic Discovery, Child Custody, Spousal Support, Computer Crime, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and e-mail discovery.

Questions to ask any Expert you will consider retaining:

1.  How many years of Information Technology and Forensics experience does the individual have? (We have over 23 years of "hard" / 30 years of "soft" computer systems / computer forensics experience.)  Our systems experience goes back to the days of the Litton Mellonics product line, TRS-80, DEC-10, DEC Rainbow 100, Timex Sinclair, Commodore 64 and Xerox Computing Systems Equipment.  (Yes, there is an ATT 6300 from 1985, sitting on my workbench)

2.  Why do others perform these services? (We try to "level" the playing field, considering the number of self-professed "experts" that are performing these services.)  

3.  Do others publish their rates / fee schedule? (We publish our rates and associated fees.)

4.  How much is the retainer? (Ours is $4,000 and we do accept some major credit cards, for a small fee)

5.  What's the difference in specializations with computer forensics expert witnesses? Among the services offered by "Forensic Experts," there are two very distinct subject areas that every person who needs such a service should be aware of: Electronic Evidentiary Recovery and Computer Forensics.

Electronic Evidentiary Recovery, known also as e-discovery, requires the proper tools and knowledge to meet the Court's criteria, whereas Computer Forensics is simply the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques in the interests of determining potential legal evidence.  Generally speaking, most people who are involved in Computer Forensics, haven't a clue about or the tools for Electronic Evidentiary Recovery.  At ComputerLegalExperts.com, we take it three steps further: We have a background into how "The Law" functions, an educational and training background which enables us to keep counsel and yourself informed and we pride ourselves on being a "one-stop shop" for your needs.  We take our Client's claims very seriously and approach each matter in a tailored manner, since each case is unique and has its own set of dynamics.  Since we are an independent organization, combined with our thoroughness for detail, we deliver hard facts, evidence and case law, to the court which not only substantiates the scientific aspects of your matter, but addresses the legal ones as well.

ComputerLegalExperts.com uses a proprietary methodology that is repeatable and proven approach.  It is considered by the courts to be among the generally accepted practices of data acquisition and evidentiary presentation and supports the current and pending rules of the Federal Rules of Evidence and Federal Civil Judicial Procedure and Rules for digital data discovery and admission.  

Evidence may be sought in a wide range of computer crime or misuse, including but not limited to theft of trade secrets, theft of or destruction of services, intellectual property and fraud.  At ComputerLegalExperts.com, we draw upon an array of methods for discovering data; child pornography, password decryption, theft or destruction of services, theft of trade secrets / intellectual property, hidden assets and fraud.  ComputerLegalExperts.com also has the capability to discover data that resides in a computer system or recovering deleted, encrypted or damaged file information. Any or all of this information may help during discovery, depositions or at the time of trial.  We can examine hard drives, data cards or other media for evidentiary purposes and even have the ability to decrypt most password protected programs, spreadsheets, documents, databases or data compression files.  We have the ability to support counsel in the obtaining of and the execution of writs and subpoenas, prior to trial.

Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery

ComputerLegalExperts.com are adamant in the prevention of the spoliation of evidence and take extra care and precautions to ensure that the data that is "mirror-imaged" is secure and safe.  We can examine "mirror-imaged" hard drives for evidentiary purposes and even have the ability to decrypt most password protected programs, spreadsheets, documents, databases or data compression files.  We will support counsel in the obtaining of and the execution of writs and subpoenas.

Expert Testimony

The one thing that we have learned is that the "key" to the lock of the law is not only honesty and integrity, it is credibility.  The ability to explain "computer-ese" to the layman, counsel and the jurist is key to having an expert testify, but this is useless without the element of credibility.  Although we live in a computer age, members of a jury or jurists themselves, may not be familiar with these tools and we act as an interface between the technical and the real world.

Trial Consultation

As Trial Consultants, we examine the data that has been acquired and make recommendations as to other areas that may be supportive to the litigant, but have not been exercised.  Our services includes looking at trial strategy, but we believe the "devil is in the details."  

Pre-Litigation Consultation or an Independent Second Opinion

Before the litigation process ensues, the ability to give good advice to a client is imperative.  Clients, who have been wronged, seek legal advice.  We do not provide legal advice, but merely substantiate the facts and help manage expectations based upon the evidence.

Digital Discovery and Data Recovery

ComputerLegalExperts.com has the ability through the use of Computer Forensics tools to recover data, for evidentiary purposes.  We literally will use "Space-Age" and "Bleeding-Edge" technologies, for password decryption and use accepted standards processes and procedures in order to secure the data for trial.