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Top 10 reasons why you should retain Computerlegalexperts.com as your computer forensics or computer forensics expert witness service provider:        


1.  Mitigate billable time-  We mitigate your billable hours and maximize the efforts behind your case by utilizing the same hardware and software tools that are in use today by the FBI and DHS/ICE.  When you come into a situation, the right tools and experience are important factors. (see reasons 8 and 9 of what is used)

2.    Computer Experience- 25+ years-  Former AllMicro spokesman, Colorado Memory Systems (now H/P storage systems) in Loveland, Colorado, Peter Norton Computing (Santa Monica, CA), Quarterdeck Systems (Marina del Rey, CA), Philips, NV (Eindhoven, Netherlands) to name a few companies and various DOD Contractors.

3.    Computer Forensics Experience- Employer-retained, spousal and child support, computer crime, such as UCMJ, financial, e-mail, child pornography and the Adam Walsh Act.

4.    Bigger isn't always better-  At Computerlegalexperts.com, we are very selective about the cases we take on.

5.    Working with Legal Counsel-  The ability to work with counsel is imperative in the preparation of any case.  This includes questions

6.    Effective communication-  The ability to address an audience, be it a judge, magistrate or a member or members of the jury is key for your litigation, be it trial or arbitration.  Computerlegalexperts has what is known as the "sun-down rule."  Computerlegalexperts does its best to make every reasonable attempt to return our client's messages before the end of the day, e.g., "sun-down" or by the next morning, depending upon the complexity and the time the voicemail or email is received.  

7.    Client Relations-  Whether it is an attorney or a layman, each person deserves the respect and courtesy due them.  This means open communication between both parties, good news or bad.

8.    Hardware- "State-of-the-Art" hardware is used at the facility.  We use the Logicube product line for data acquisition which can produce a bit-streamed / mirrored-image of the master hard drive.  The time involved to create such a mirror-image can probably is done is less time than a full sit-down Sunday dinner.  The speed of acquisition, depending on the hard drive, ranges as high as 2-3 GB a minute.

9.    Software-  We use the Access Data, Symantec and other reputable product lines for the examination process.  

10.  Training- We keep ahead of the current environment by obtaining the appropriate training, and keep abreast of new technologies since there are new tools and equipment on the horizon.

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