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Computer Forensics Experts

Computer forensic analysis in the private or public sector

What areas does computer forensics entail?

Criminal Charges - Child Pornography, Sexting, Text Messaging, Cellular Telephone, Fraud, and Taxation.

Civil Litigation - Human Resources Issues, Computer Abuse, Divorce, Child Custody, Spousal Assets, Text Messaging, Employer Liability, Sexual Harassment, "Captcha" Routines, Electronic Discovery,  Bankruptcy, Stock and Bond Securities, Unsolicited Commercial Email / SPAM, Wrongful Termination, Workplace Misconduct and Unemployment Insurance Compensation issues.

Computer forensics testimony is one of the many keys to success in litigation.

Computerlegalexperts uses a five phase computer forensics approach, by offering real solutions to difficult matters. Experience shows that a viable and well organized “Action Plan” and utilizing a repeatable process, yields continual constructive results.  The five phases of computer forensic performance in legal and administrative matters, involving computers is: Assessment, Acquisition, Examination, Analysis and Reporting.